Quotes on Making Progress

This blog post provides useful quotes on making progress in life and business.

Every day we live, we encounter different obstacles. Sometimes they are small, and sometimes they are big.

But they always make us think about overcoming the problem and improving our lives.

You can only succeed in any area by setting goals and working towards them. Starting a new business can be a lonely, difficult experience for many entrepreneurs. You may not have a friend who understands what you’re going through. You’re the only one who knows what it’s like to be broke and drowning in bills. No one understands how hard it is to start a new project. But you’re a great entrepreneur. You’re an awesome entrepreneur. And you’re still stuck wondering where to start.

How do you make progress? You make it happen by getting up each morning and doing something.

Quotes to help you define progress

Progress means continuing in the right direction or improving something, even if it’s a small step at a time.

How do you recognize something you are learning?

I believe these quotes on making progress by these inspirational figures, give great advice for identifying what progress actually means and where and how you can progress in your life.

1.   Progress is impossible without change.

“Progress is impossible unless change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

Change begins within you. The first step in changing your life is thinking positively about yourself and your future. If we only focus on outward change, we will never change, improve, or experience happiness. We must be positive and focused on our inner world as well. What does it mean to be positive?

It means believing in yourself and seeing that the change you desire for your life is possible. It means having faith in yourself and your ability to change. Positive Thinking A positive attitude is an internal belief that allows you to overcome any obstacle or difficulty. A positive attitude can help you accomplish anything you desire in life. There are many ways to cultivate a positive attitude, including:

2.   You have to persist.

“True progress quiet and persistently moves along without notice.”

– Saint Francis de Sales, former Bishop of Geneva

Don’t worry; we’re all stuck in the trenches sometimes.

In a week, you might notice how far you’ve come, even if it doesn’t feel that way.

Practising the right revision methods – like spaced learning, retrieval practice, and interleaving – will help you retain this new information.

3.   Let’s start at the very initiation.

“The hidden secret of making progress is to get started.”

– Mark Twain, an American writer and humorist

Whether you’re revising for an upcoming exam, writing a paper for college or university, or just wanting to spend time with yourself

Blank pages are daunting! You must be thinking, what is it, and what will it do to me?

He was a prolific author, writing 28 books and more than 100 short stories.

So I’m confident he knew the value of just getting started!

4.   Change is key

“Progress is impossible without change.”

– Walt Disney, entrepreneur and animation pioneer

Quotes On Making Progress

Walt Disney and Frank Zappa knew that making changes was often necessary to progress.

Do a good hard look at your work habits, and decide whether you need to change any of them.

What could you change to improve your encouragement or your study routine?

5.   Don’t scram in the past.

“I think it’s the end of making progress if you stand still and think of what you’ve made in the past. I keep on.”

– Leslie Caron, French-American actress

It’s not your fault if you constantly mull over your past. But it may be affecting your present and future.

You know you can do it if you just let yourself. So You should always focus on what you are trying to achieve.

6.   Work with purpose, and you can get there.

“If you want to experience important progress toward your goal, you must be intentional about your daily work.

– Anonymous

The best advice I’ve ever received is, “you can only control what you can control.

As Seneca the Younger wrote about wanting to progress, you must be intentional about doing the work to achieve this goal.

7.   It’s a long, long journey.

“Every day, you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will extend out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path.”

– Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of Great Britain

Think of it this way: you can always improve on your achievements.

Perhaps you’ve got the top grades at school, get into the top university of your choice, and have an internship that will catapult you straight into the top corporate jobs in your field.

Congratulations! The wonderful thing is that there is always more you can aspire for: a First at university, a Master, a PhD, getting papers published, a post-doc, a revolutionary research fellowship, a groundbreaking academic study, and that’s just taking academia as an example!

That’s amazing because we all have so much we can do.

8. And you might struggle.

“If there is no struggle, So there is no progress.”

– Frederick Douglass, African-American social reformer, abolitionist and statesman

If you want to improve but haven’t yet been able to get over your challenges or achieve your goals, then you should be proud, knowing that you’ve worked hard and discovered that inner strength.

9.   There will be compromises.

“There is no progress or achievement without sacrifice.”

– Idowu Koyenikan, author and consultant

Sacrifice is a pretty big word. But, if you need to make some major life changes – such as sacrificing a Friday film night with friends for extra revision or a meeting with an important colleague to meet a major deadline – you’ll find that this will be worth it when you achieve your grades or submit a high-marking piece of work.

If your goal is long-term satisfaction, it’s a must-have. But if you are willing to sacrifice for it, this is a good compromise.

10.   Stay true to yourself.

“Each man must learn his ideal and try to achieve it: that is a surer way of making progress than to take the concepts of another.”


Perhaps your parents dream of you becoming a doctor. Your society might value a particular skill over another. If you want to recognize why you should study and what you want to achieve, then that motivation will push you to progress and achieve.

11.   It all adds up

“A little progress every day counts toward big results.”

– attrib. to Satya Nani

Every step you take and every effort you make will lead you closer to your dream – whatever that may be! So whether it’s graded, a place on a course, a job. And it applies to all areas of life.

12.   It’s not exclusive!

“You can simultaneously be a masterpiece and a work in progress.”

– Sophia Bush, an American actress

It’s true. You can be so many things. So let Sophia Bush inspire a little confidence in yourself!

13.   Everybody’s still learning.

“Everybody’s a work in progress. I’m a work in progress. I mean, I’ve never arrived. I’m still learning all the time.”

– Renée Fleming, Grammy Award-winning soprano

Grammy-winning artist Beyoncé Knowles is a student of life and has said she’s always trying to learn and improve herself.

The singer, who has been married to their husband Jay Z for 14 years, is no stranger to being the focus of media scrutiny and has faced her fair share of criticism over the years. But while most celebrities would take their good fortune with a pinch of salt, Beyoncé has proven herself to be a very different kind of star, using her fame to help others. 

14.   A little progress every day

“slow and steady wins the race.”

Over and over again! You don’t go up a ladder with one huge step; you must take one step at a time.

You shouldn’t stop at one step but go on to the next one and the next one. It’s about consistency and having a continuous purpose. Little by little, you start getting somewhere.

15.   Just do your best for now.

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”


It is a very important lesson from Mark Twain that I sometimes struggle with.

When it comes to perfect writing, the best thing to do is not to be so hard on yourself.

That’s the wonder of drafts: writing is a process, and you can always make progress and improve your work with editing, proofreading and rewriting.

16.   Be your person!

“Don’t match your progress to that of else. We need our own time to tour our distance.”

– Anonymous

You’ll probably not make as many times as you would if you were playing singles tennis and that in no way diminishes your progress or achievements!

17.   Speed isn’t everything.

“Keep going, and don’t disturb your speed. You’re making improvements, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Forward is forward, no matter how slow.”

– Lori Deschene, self-help author

Remember from Finding Nemo? Well, if you keep swimming and putting in the effort to reach your goals, no matter how slowly, you can get there.

You’ll feel even better about your success than when you first started.

18.   A failure isn’t the end.

“Failure is success in progress.”

– Albert Einstein

Quotes on Making Progress

Many successful people have written about Failure. You’ll be able to get some inspiring quotes in our collection of motivational quotes, such as, ‘Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

If you fail, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the knowledge or the skills to learn and improve.

Thomas Edison had 6,000 ideas and tried for the filament but didn’t find it until the third one. There is always room for improvement!

19.   Make the right choices.

“My voyage has not been a simple voyage of progress. There have been many ups and downs, and my choices at each time have helped shape what I have achieved.”

– Satya Nadella, CEO and chairman of Microsoft

If you want to take a new and exciting direction in life, it’s important to learn about your past successes and failures to learn from them.

Even a journey to becoming the CEO of a huge, major technology company.

So when you are at a low point in your journey and have to make a big decision, make sure it’s a decision to keep trying to develop yourself.

20.   Be kind

“Never dispirit anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.”

– popularly attributed to Plato (from the dialogue Sophist), an Ancient Greek philosopher

Give yourself and other people the benefit of the doubt. They are hardworking people who deserve recognition.

Conclusion – Quotes on making progress

In conclusion, the idea that you should be happy with where you are in life is a lie. It would help if you were happy that you’d achieved some success. Otherwise, why did you work so hard? No one will be happy with mediocrity. So don’t settle for mediocre. Always strive to do better. That’s how you become a better person. When you find ways to improve, you become a more effective and productive human being. So, when you have to choose between what you want to do right now or what’s most important, always choose the latter. 

I hope the quotes on making progress will help you conquer your goals and help you become your best self. In case you need help with this, then check also my courses on how to bring lasting change by forming good habits.

All the best



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