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What is this? And who is this person?
Let's start by giving you a small intro and also a few minutes to get to know me. After all, why should you believe and words I say without knowing what my background is?
Find Your Frame
What type of passions are we looking for? What is the scope? Where can you get lost in your search for a passion, goal or hobby?
Exploring The Real Answers
In this section we will use different techniques in order to find information that signifies you as a person and we will use this information in the next steps.
The Visualisation & Connection
Here we will make things more practical and concrete, creating something for you, that you can keep forever.
Opportunities and Focus
Here we will find the opportunities we can choose from. We will list them and have now the ability to chose and prioritise the most relevant ones.
The Achievement – Becoming a Success Shifter
Here we will round out everything and set you up with goals, passion or hobbies you cant start to follow. The goal here is knowing the process and not the end outcome. At the end you can call yourself a Success Shifter, what that means you will learn in the last video.
Private: Find Your Passion: Unlock Goals, Hobbies & Life’s Direction
About Lesson

The layout of this course is quite simple:
1. There is a video 

2. There might be a document that refers to the previous video, where again all the questions are mentioned – ready for you to work on.

So please just walk through the sequence that is shown, you can always stop and continue where you left.

Side note:
I optimised the sounds with Adobe Podcast AI, which make the sound more clear. However – it might be that it sounds weird sometimes as it is still a bit buggy.

If you ever feel like you need some additional help, then please contact me through my website or the WhatsApp button. I also do various different 1 on 1 coachings if completing an online course is difficult for you

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